Dec. 24th, 2011

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By now, most of you realize that there are some intense changes that have occurred on Livejournal. In light of the fact that the new Russian management and their programmers really do not care too much about their American client base, I have decided to follow other friends and my other accounts and ship them over to Dreamwidth. You can find me there at
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    I am in the que to have my content shipped over. The response to this latest fiasco has been incredible. Dreamwidth, until the end of the year, has waived the necessity of having invite codes. So you can join for free. I am shipping as many of my accounts over to DW as I can. The real hold up will be the communities, and I don't think the porting function for them over on Dreamwidth is yet operational. Once it is, I suspect the traffic will be even higher than it is now. Yesterday, the que was up to more than 32,000 journals migrating from LJ. They day before that, the que was at 21,000. In all honesty, I doubt that the new Russian ownership cares. They beta tested the code before its release on the 21st. Were told the issues and decided to launch anyway. In spite of overwhelming protests, they have been rude, mocking and condescending.

    This is completely the opposite of Dreamwidth's very small staff, which have been very communicative, polite, dedicated and really very welcoming. If you have a paid journal here on LJ, my suggestion is to channel that money to the folks at Dreamwidth. It will be money well spent. That is coming from someone who has a permanent account here on Livejournal with my [ profile] fannyfae account. It was purchased, of course, long before the American owners decided to sell out to the Kremlin.


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